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    uPVC Casement Windows
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    uPVC Casement Windows

    uPVC casement windows are one of the most popular double glazing products in the market. These windows are simple one or two-sashed windows that are hinged along the side or top. When you want to open them, you simply swing them out.

    These windows are fitted with a single-lever latch design. This allows it to be opened with a single hand. As a result, they are extremely easy to open or close. This makes them ideal for hard to reach places in your home.

    The simplicity and ease of use is the reason why casement windows are so popular. These windows are stylish and versatile, suitable for a wide range of properties. Additionally, they are also one of the lowest priced window types.

    What’s more, the casement windows our suppliers have on offer are available in a range of attractive colours and finishes. Whether you need standard or non-traditional bespoke colours, we’ll help you style your property exactly the way you want it.

    To help you overcome any misgivings you might have about them, our suppliers offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee on all our casement windows. You are also protected by an insurance-backed guarantee.

    Hinge Protection

    Strong stainless steel hinges are great for adding strength to your casement windows. Additionally, during installation the hinges are concealed within the frame when the window is closed, effectively sealing them in. This means they cannot be removed from the outside!

    Slim Sightlines

    With uPVC frames, you get a lightweight but strong unit. The frames don’t need to be as thick in order to properly support the double glazing. As a result, your windows have extremely slim sightlines. This gives you better visibility for a more stunning view and extra light.

    A+ Energy Rated

    Superior double glazing ensures that your home is sealed against the cold and insulates your home, it even stays warm for longer. In fact, our uPVC casement windows are so energy efficient that they can achieve a Windows Energy Rating of A+12!

    Chamfered Rebate

    The simple chamfered profile of the uPVC casement windows gives you the classic wood joinery look. This simple yet sophisticated style looks great on all properties. What’s more, if you select a wood finish, you can give your home the traditional look at a fraction of the cost!

    Durable Hardware

    Casement windows are fitted with high-quality stainless steel hardware. As a result, they are quite sturdy and difficult to damage. This means you get smooth functioning windows for years. In fact, stainless steel friction stays give you maximum security, even after years of use.


    All of the suppliers that we work with to bring you the best prices provide uPVC casement windows that are fitted with high security locking systems. This means you an enhanced level of security even with no upgrades. However, our suppliers also offer additional security fittings and features that are capable of getting your windows added safety.

    Functional uPVC Casement Windows

    You can get a range of benefits from uPVC casement windows. In addition to the security and durability they provide, you can also get great styles for your home.

    During our price comparison process, we can offer a number or colours as well as finishes that the supplier are able to provide that gives you the perfect bespoke look. We also offer design features like the French styling, flat top, and pushout casement windows.

    These casement windows have a wide opening sash pivot. This wide opening serves to give you better ventilation. More importantly, it also lends itself well as an emergency exit in times of crisis.

    In spite of all these benefits, the best part about the uPVC casement windows is how easy they are to care for. They won’t warp or buckle in the heat and cold, and their colour won’t peel, flake, or fade for years.


    Amazing uPVC Casement Window Prices

    We can find amazingly competitive casement window prices for your home. In fact, we are certain you will not be able to find a better deal anywhere else. You can contact us for your personalised casement window quote, or call us at 0800 954 8085.

    You can also get an instant online quote using our online quoting tool. This handy little tool takes in your inputs for style and size. It then quickly generates a unique quote for your unique needs.

    However, if you’re looking for a general casement window price estimate, here is a table with the standard sizes and their pricing.

    uPVC Casement Window Prices

    Casement Window Cost For Fixed Window

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    500mm x 500mm White £150 – £175
    500mm x 500mm Wood Grain £175 – £200
    1000mm x 500mm White £175 – £200
    1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £200 – £250
    1000mm x 1000mm White £200 – £250
    1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £225 – £275
    1200mm x 1200mm White £225 – £275
    1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £250 – £300

    Casement Window Price For 1 Opener

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    1000mm x 500mm White £250 – £300
    1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £300 – £350
    1000mm x 1000mm White £275 – £325
    1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £325 – £375
    1200mm x 1200mm White £300 – £350
    1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £350 – £400
    1200mm x 1500mm White £350 – £400

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