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 Why is a Double Glazing Surveyor Important?


If you’re buying double glazing, you might be wondering, ‘Why is a double glazing surveyor important?’. Since it’s your home, and you know what you want for it, a surveyor should be redundant. However, it is not as simple as that.

Since April, 2002, double glazing installation and replacement is required by law to comply with building regulations. If your installation does not meet the regulations, you and your installer might be penalised.

So how does this make a double glazing surveyor so important? Quite simply, the surveyor will assess your property and your double glazing requirements. He will determine whether your choice of products meets the standards set by the building regulations.

As a result, you are less likely to invest time and money on a product that is not suitable. However, this is not the complete reason for the importance of a double glazing surveyor. This is a role that encompasses a whole lot more, and can make sure you get a window, door or conservatory quote that is comprehensive.


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What Does a Double Glazing Surveyor Do?


Check for Compliance


As we already discussed, ensuring compliance with building regulations is why a double glazing surveyor is important. He will make sure that regulated features like ventilation, fire egress, and others are properly planned.

He will also check if the windows you have planned are in accordance with the local authorities. For example, in case of heritage buildings, you might not have permission to change the window appearance.


Ensure Proper Measurements


Another reason why a double glazing surveyor is necessary is the double glazing measurements. He will ensure that the measurements you have taken are accurate. This is very important because perfect installation requires accurate measurements. Even a slight mistake means that your double glazing won’t fit properly.


Load Bearing Advice


A surveyor is qualified to assess and advice you on situations where load bearing is required. His expertise and experience make a double glazing surveyor invaluable. He can foresee any issues that might arise. Therefore, he can help you plan for them so that there are no delays later.


Check for Impediments


Your double glazing installation might seem straightforward to you. However, a double glazing surveyor will spot issues that you might not. These impediments might be things like electric wiring or telephone cables that might be in the way of the installation. It’s his job to make sure that all these are taken into account when installing the double glazing.


double glazing surveyor checks for impediments in installation


Foundation Assessment


Conservatory installation requires a foundation. This needs to be sufficiently deep and strong enough to bear the load. You might have planned to put your conservatory in a certain position. However, a double glazing surveyor is trained to assess if the location is suitable for the foundation or not.


Installation Planning


In essence, a double glazing surveyor will monitor the location and plan out the installation. He will ensure that any obstacles are taken into account. It is his job to make sure that anything that may cause a delay in installation is accounted for. This way, you get a smoother installation with fewer problems.


The Benefits of Having a Double Glazing Surveyor


Double glazing surveyors have complete technical knowledge of double glazing products. They are well-aware of the limitations of each product. As experts, they also know if the product is suitable for your property and what tolerances it has. As a result, they can offer you practical advice on the spot. They are also able to help you make the right decision.

With a double glazing surveyor on the job, your double glazing installation goes much more smoothly. They are fully-trained. As a result, they can survey the site to identify potential problems and issues that might cause delays. It is part of their job to plan around these issues, thereby reducing expensive delays and losses.

In addition, they also ensure that the installation is technically sound. It is their responsibility to ensure that important groundwork, like foundations, is laid properly. They also ensure the double glazing adheres to industry standards. As a result, your double glazing complies with building regulations. Furthermore, properly installed double glazing also lasts longer.


double glazing surveyor ensures trouble-free installation


Double Glazing Surveyor – Prices and Rates


Here at Double Glazing on the Web, we understand the importance of a double glazing surveyor. This is why we include their service in our quote. When you get a quote from us, it includes a full technical survey of your property.

If you want to get your all-inclusive quote from us, simply give us a call at 0800 954 8085. We understand that you might not want pushy salespeople forcing you to buy. This is why we have a no-obligation quote policy. You can speak to someone from our friendly staff. They will answer all your questions and give you your quote without any aggressive sales pitches.

You can also contact us using our contact form. Just fill it up and ask your questions. Someone will get back to you will all the answers you need. Alternatively, you can get an instant quote using our online quoting engine. This handy tool lets you select the style and features of the double glazing you want. Then, it uses that to generate your quote instantly!

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