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What is Double Glazing?


The meaning of double glazing might be quite evident from the name. However, it is more than just double panes of glass on a window or door. In fact, double glazing is made up of the frame and the hardware in addition to the sealed glass unit. Each of these components have a part to play in your home’s double glazing performance.

What is double glazing


Components of a Double Glazing Unit

Double Glazed Sealed Unit


The double glazed sealed unit is made up of two panes of glass. These panes make up a sealed unit with about 16mm-20mm between them. This gap is airtight and effectively makes the door or window insulated. This means that, based on its heat efficiency, the unit can reduce heat loss through the sealed unit.

Double glazing glass is not your regular glass. It is a low-emissivity glass (known as low E glass) that has a transparent metallic layer inside it. This layer helps to reflect the heat back into the house. At the same time, it allows solar heat to enter the house.

Double glazing glass can also be Acoustic (to reduce noise pollution) or self-cleaning. All these aspects, along with the frame, help define the door or window’s energy rating.


Double Glazing Profiles


The double glazing profile is the frame your sealed unit is fit into. A uPVC frame gives you many excellent features that contribute to the performance of your door or window. This is a heat efficient material that is also light-weight and durable.

It is superbly easy to care for, as a simple wipe down with a wet cloth is enough to keep it performing at its peak. It is also completely recyclable.

double glazing upvc profile


Double Glazing Hardware


The double glazing hardware includes accessories like door handles, knockers, spy holes, and door chains. They also include fittings like hinges, operational hardware, and security fittings. All of these contribute not just to the appearance of the door or window, but also the kind of performance it gives.

For improved security, you can opt for concealed hinges, or durable, high-security hinges. You can also select the kind of security fittings you want. The quality of the hinges and operational hardware you choose affects how long your double glazed units lasts. What’s more, it also affects how smoothly the unit operates over its lifetime.


Benefits of Double Glazing


The kind of double glazing you choose can affect the kind of performance you will get. However, all uPVC double glazed profiles will give you the following advantages.




One of the biggest advantages of uPVC double glazing is that it lasts for many years. This resilient material is not prone to rusting or corrosion. It also does not warp, buckle, or rot. It also has inherent strength that makes it very difficult to damage. As a result, it goes on to give superior performance for many years.

durable double glazing


Energy Efficiency


The uPVC frames are built with cleverly engineered chambers within the profile. These chambers serve to trap air and prevent it from circulating. A similar concept is used in the double glazed sealed unit. Here, the layer of insulation is the air trapped between two panes of glass. As a result, your home gets better insulation which leads to lower energy consumption.


Low Maintenance


The uPVC profile is renowned for being extremely easy to care for. Because the material is so durable, it does not peel or scratch easily. The colours are long-lasting. All you need to do to maintain it is wipe it occasionally to clean off dirt and debris. With only this much care, your double glazed units will continue to look as good as new for years.


100% Recyclable


There is no better ‘green’ option for your double glazing than uPVC. This material is so sturdy that it does not require lead reinforcement. As a result, the uPVC double glazing is completely recyclable. Once you decide to replace it, it can be recycled and reused, without affecting the environment.

eco-friendly double glazing




Our uPVC double glazed units are fitted with high security locking mechanisms from Yale as a standard. However, we give you an option to upgrade the security to a higher level. In fact, you can get Secured by Design accreditation if you wish. However, uPVC is a sturdy material in itself. All in all, these units add to the overall security of your home.


Bespoke Styling


One of the advantages of uPVC double glazing is the fantastic colour choices you get. Moreover, the colour remains as vibrant after years as it was when you first installed it. You can pick from a variety of colour options so that your double glazing matches your home and your taste. You can also select the look and finish of the hardware for a completely tailored product.


Double Glazing Prices in the UK


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