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Trusted Double Glazing Companies


If you wish to get double glazing installed, it is best to go with trusted double glazing companies for supply and installation. It may seem easier, and even cheaper, to get a local company with no credentials to do it for you. However,there is a good chance that might end up in disappointment and loss for you.

Double glazing installation is something you would expect would last and perform for a long time. You want to fit these products and forget about them for several years. With our network of trusted double glazing companies, you know for sure that the quality of the product and installation will be good.

Additionally, you can also be sure that your deposit is in safe hands. What’s more, the installers will carry out the operation efficiently. Moreover, they will follow all safety procedures. The latter might be especially important to you if you have little children or pets.

Even if you do get good quality double glazing which is installed safely, there is still the issue of building regulations. The good news is, trusted double glazing companies train their employees to install your double glazing efficiently. What’s more, they can also certify it for compliance.


trusted double glazing companies approved by regulatory bodies


Benefits of Using Trusted Double Glazing Companies


High Quality Products


Our national network of FENSA and CERTASS approved double glazing companies give you the highest quality double glazing products. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of using trusted double glazing companies is the consistently high quality of both products and installation. They have to adhere to the standards set by the monitoring bodies and product quality is one of the criteria they need to meet.


Superior Installation


As with the product quality, our trusted double glazing companies will also provide you with superior installation quality. They will ensure that your double glazing meets industry standards as well as building regulations. As a result, you will get better performance and durable double glazing.


Safe Installation


As part of their industry-leading service, our trusted double glazing companies ensure safe and efficient installation. They will maintain a tidy working area, to reduce any chance of accidents or mishaps. They will even clean out the rubble and waste after they finish. In fact, they will make sure that your home looks as it did before the work began!


superior installation by trusted double glazing companies


Deposit Protection


Both FENSA and CERTASS monitor their approved double glazing companies for service and reliability. As part of this, they guarantee deposit protection. If the company does not complete your installation for any reason, the competent person scheme ensures that your deposit is returned to you. As a result, you get complete security and protection as a consumer.


Insurance-Backed Guarantee


All competent person schemes require their registered members to give a 5 to 10 year guarantee on their products and installations. They back this guarantee with an offer for an insurance policy. As a result, you as the customer are protected against any performance or quality failures even after the installation.


Easier Certification and Registration


Your local building authorities will inspect any double glazing you install. If the installation passes inspection, you will be given a certificate of compliance. However, if you hire trusted double glazing companies registered with FENSA or CERTASS, they can issue you the certificate themselves. They will even get your installation registered at no extra cost.


Get Complete Peace of Mind with Our Trusted Double Glazing Companies


No matter how good the price is, what ultimately matters is the product and finish. With our trusted double glazing companies, you needn’t worry about either! We only include trusted double glazing companies in our network.

What’s more, we take pains to ensure that any company that joins us shares our principles of great service and performance.

We monitor, vet, and select only the most trusted double glazing companies as our suppliers and installers. We do our homework to find the best. This is why we can confidently recommend them to you. We are also sure you will get unrivalled after care and customer service from them.

In addition to FENSA and CERTASS, our group of trusted double glazing companies are registered with GGF and DGCOS. We even have Energy Saving Trust recommended installers to give you great thermal performance from your double glazing.


Get Great Double Glazing Prices From Trusted Double Glazing Companies


We make it extremely easy for our customers to get double glazing quotes from us. The best part is, we absolutely do not believe in aggressive sales tactics. As a result, when you ask us for quotes, that is all you get. We won’t push you to buy from us. That will be entirely your decision.

To get your no-obligation quote from us, the easiest way is to use our online quoting engine. Simply put in your requirements and it will give you your quote instantly! You can also call us at 0800 954 8085 and speak to someone if you have queries. We are also happy to reply to you if you contact us via our online contact form!

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