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What Are Trickle Vents?


Trickle vents are an important part of the functionality of your uPVC doors and windows. They fulfil an important role in regulating the ventilation of your rooms.

As you must be aware, double glazing is controlled by building regulations. One of the aspects they cover is ventilation. As per the regulations, rooms need to have adequate ventilation. This is to reduce moisture inside the house as it can cause mould and mildew. This can further lead to infections and respiratory problems.

To this end, all rooms should have windows and doors that provide enough ventilation. certain rooms generate greater amounts of humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens. For such rooms, it might mean mechanical fans to help draw out the air in order to keep it fresh and circulating.

For other rooms, trickle vents can control this function. If your doors and windows are not open, like when your heating is on, you can use these as background ventilators.


Benefits of Trickle Vents


Integrated Ventilation


Trickle vents are a great way to get a small but significant amount of ventilation even with the doors and windows closed. They are easily integrated into the frames. This gives you a controlled ventilation point. As a result, you reduce the amount of stale air inside your house without having open doors and windows.


Reduced Moisture


A fully sealed house that keeps accumulating moisture. The moisture might be a by-product of respiration or daily household chores like cooking and showering. However, this humidity is bad for the house and its residents. Trickle vents are an effective way to remove this moisture without opening up your home to cold winds.


Mould & Mildew Reduction


Moisture trapped inside the house settles on surfaces inside. This creates a still and damp atmosphere which is conducive to fungal growth like mould and mildew. These release spores into the air that can cause illness and infection. Trickle vents reduce the amount of moisture that remains in the house and prevent mould.


Condensation Prevention


Cold windows are the prime spot for moisture in the air to condense. This leads to water droplets deposited on the glass. The condensation drips inside the frame, causing mould. Additionally, it can get inside improperly sealed double glazing. That leads to obscured view. With trickle vents, it is easier to control such intense condensation.


Better Security


Trickle vents allow you to circulate fresh air and ventilate your home without having doors and windows open. This is especially useful at night when open windows can be used by burglars. They give you the complete range of benefits of fresh air circulation, with none of the risks of an unsecured house.


Heat Conservation


A single open window inside the house can let out a tremendous amount of heat. However, a heated home is the biggest producer of water vapour and steam. Trickle vents facilitate the removal of steam and moisture build-up without letting out all the warmth. This way, you get fresh air circulating inside without extra-high energy bills.


Why Are Trickle Vents Necessary?


As mentioned earlier, trickle vents are one of the things that are a part of building regulations. They are mandatory in any building that is a new build. This includes building extensions. If you had a window with trickle vents, and you are replacing it, you need to replace like for like.

They are also necessary in Patio doors and French doors, if they are the only apertures in the room. You would also need trickle vents to meet the permanent ventilation requirement as per the building regulations. If you get a technical survey done by a qualified double glazing surveyor, he will be able to tell you more about the ventilation regulations for your home.

The good news is, trickle vents are compatible with almost all window systems. There is a possibility that your windows aren’t compatible. In such a case, they can be fitted independently. Moreover, this is neither difficult nor costly affair. What’s more, you can get trickle vents with all of our uPVC door and window frames.


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