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FENSA Information – What is FENSA?


FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. It is one of the 6 Competent Person Schemes that are recognised in the UK. In essence, it is a body that monitors and regulates double glazing installation across England and Wales.

There are 5 other Competent Person Schemes. However, FENSA is the most reputed and widely recognised of them all. It offers a number of benefits to you as the consumer. FENSA holds all registered installers to high standards. As a result, you get high quality double glazing installation.

They also offer an insurance backed guarantee on your double glazing installation. They also save you the effort of getting a certificate of compliance from your local building regulations authority. What’s more, they even get your double glazing installation registered with them for no extra fee.


How Does FENSA Work?


In April of 2002, double glazing came under the purview of building regulations. As a result, any double glazing installation needed approval from the local building authorities. This led to the formation of the Competent Person Scheme.

Under this scheme, the Department for Communities and Local Government gives licenses to organisation. They can then act as regulatory bodies. What this means is that FENSA is a government-approved body that regulates double glazing installation and issues certificates of compliance on their behalf.

The body also ensures that any installers registered with them complies with regulations and industry standards when installing double glazing.


fensa certified double glazing installation


Why Should You Use FENSA Registered Installers

Superior Installation


FENSA requires registered members to prove their efficiency and quality standards. Moreover, the regulatory body itself monitors their performance constantly. As a result, you get a superior quality of double glazing installation for your home.


Easy Compliance Certification


FENSA-registered installers can give you a certificate of compliance immediately after the installation is done. With non-registered installers, you would need to get this certificate yourself. What’s worse, there is always a possibility that those installers did not follow regulations.


Payment Safeguards


When you make a deposit with an installer, you are relying on them to be honest and give you good service. However, with FENSA-approved installers, you have their additional assurance. Your deposit is protected, and you are assured excellent service.


payment protection with FENSA


10 Year Guarantee


All FENSA-approved installers offer 5 to 10 year guarantee on their installations. As a result, you know your home is getting the benefit of their superior experience and installation. What’s more, even if something does go wrong, you will not be left holding the pieces. FENSA registered installers will never leave you with unsatisfactory installations.


Guarantee Insurance


FENSA registered installers offer a 10-year guarantee. This is backed by the offer of an insurance policy. As a result, you are assured that any damages that you incur if your double glazing installation fails is protected.


Hassle-Free Registration


All approved installers will register your double glazing with the local authorities for no extra charge. This means that you won’t have to spend your time getting the registration done. Not only do you get reliable and guarantee-backed installation, you even get it registered without any hassles.


FENSA Approved Installers with Double Glazing on the Web


When you buy your double glazing from us at Double Glazing on the Web, you are assured of high quality products. However, we are only suppliers and not installers. In order to ensure that your installation is as perfect and trouble-free as our products, we have a recommended list of FENSA or CERTASS approved installers for you.

As a result, you are saved the trouble for trying to find reliable installers in your area. The installers we recommend to you are backed by FENSA as well as us. We only work with the best in terms of quality and service. As a result, you benefit from our network of double glazing installers.

All our installation partners are all FENSA or CERTASS registered. This way, you get unmatched service and superb quality!


FENSA approved double glazing installers


Double Glazing Prices Including FENSA registered Installers


When you get online double glazing prices from us, we make sure that they are transparent and with no hidden costs. This means they include the cost of installation as well. If you want a quote for any of our products, you can get it instantly with our handy online quote engine.

This is a clever little tool that takes in your double glazing requirements. Once you give it all your specifications, it generates a quick and personalised quote for you. Our quotes include FENSA approved installation as well.

On the other hand, if you need more information about our products, prices, or even installer recommendations, give us a call. We are available on 0800 954 8085, where someone from our friendly team will be happy to assist you with all your queries. You can even contact us using our contact form, and we will get back to you.

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