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Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency is a very important aspect to consider for your home. It is not just better for the environment, but also for your monthly bills. This is why choosing the right double glazing is so important.

Double glazing with a good energy rating can help reduce your energy bills up to 20% and save you money over the year. In fact, with the right double glazing, you will find that you have recovered the cost of your doors and windows. What’s more, it will be in just a few years, purely from your household bills savings.

Now, you may be wondering how double glazing can affect energy efficiency. Here’s how.


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How Can Double Glazing Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?


When we heat up our home, it does not stay heated forever. A little while after we turn the heating down, we can feel the temperatures dropping again. This is because conduction leaches heat out of the house.

By adding insulation, we can slow down this energy loss. As a result, your home will get warm faster. Moreover, it will remain warm for a longer period of time even after you turn off the heating.

The best way to add insulation to your home is with energy efficient double glazing. Your doors and windows are the biggest points of exit for heat in your home. By insulating them, you reduce the amount of heat lost.

How do you do that? With energy efficient double glazing. High quality double glazing is made up of a sealed double glazed unit and the double glazing profile. Both of these work together to build up the energy efficiency of your fittings.


Energy Efficiency Through the Sealed Double Glazing Unit


The sealed double glazing unit is made up of two panes of glass installed around 160mm apart. The space between them is sealed, with either a vacuum or a gas filled in. This space prevents air from moving around. Because there are no convection currents forming, there is a reduced transfer of heat from within.

Moreover, specially treated glass with a metallic layer can allow the solar heat to enter the house, but trap the heat inside. As a result, you get a home that is warm and thermally secure.

The better the seal between the glass, and the better the layer of insulation between the panes, the more energy efficiency you get. This insulating layer also ensures that no heat is conducted out. As a result, your rooms stay warm even when your heating is turned off.


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Energy Efficiency With the Double Glazing Profile


The material of your double glazing frame is very important where energy efficiency is concerned. As you would know, metals are great conductors of heat. However, uPVC is a very poor conductor. You can conserve a lot of heat simply with the uPVC frames.

However, our uPVC frames go a step further. The innovative profile of our uPVC frames is broken up into chambers. These chambers prevent the circulation of air by design. This is exactly like it was between the panes of glass in the sealed double glazing unit.

As the air cannot move around, there are no convection currents that help transfer the heat in the absence of conduction. This results in warmer rooms for you. What’s more, they continue to remain warm whether or not you have a heating source on or not.


Energy Efficiency Through Weatherproofing


Let’s face it. No matter how well-designed the double glazing is, it won’t be energy efficient if the installation isn’t proper. If you have a cold draught coming in from a crack, you cannot have a warm home.

This is why we only work with a network of double glazing companies recommended by FENSA and CERTASS. Our partners ensure a tight and weatherproof installation. They seal your double glazed units with superior gaskets. This gives you a weatherproof home. No matter what the weather is like outside, you will always be warm and dry inside.

High energy efficiency means you use less heating. As a result, you reduce your carbon emissions. This leads to you having a warmer, yet greener, home.


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High Energy Efficiency Double Glazing at Great Prices!


Our commitment to our customers and the environment means that we give you high energy rating double glazing. What’s more, it comes with such an attractive price tag that you will save all around.

To get our superb prices, call us for your personalised quote. You can talk to someone from our technically qualified and helpful team on 0800 954 8085. You can also get in touch with us using our online contact form.

Alternatively, you can get instant no-obligation quotes using our online quoting engine. Get as many quotes as you want simply by altering your specifications. With our great prices, you can get a bargain on your double glazing installation. At the same time, you also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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