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Since April, 2012, all double glazing installations and replacements need to follow building regulations. If your installation is not compliant, then you and your installer can be penalised. Additionally, you need to have the certificate of compliance for your double glazing if you want to sell your house.

It is possible for you to get a certificate of compliance from your local authority if you have installed your double glazing yourself, or hired an unregistered installer. They will send an officer to check whether your newly installed doors and windows follow the guidelines. If they are satisfied, they will issue the certificate.

Alternatively, you can hire a reputed installer who is registered with the appropriate Competent Person Scheme. Under this scheme, a registered installer can fit in your double glazing and issue the certificate stating that the installation is building regulations compliant.

building regulations in the UK - double glazing

What is the Competent Person Scheme?


The Competent Person Scheme was established in 2002. Under this scheme, a group of regulatory bodies regulate double glazing installations. Installers registered with them have the authority to issue certificates of compliance. Moreover, these bodies monitor the work of these installers and make sure the required standards are maintained.

In the UK, there are 6 competent person schemes that regulate the installation of doors and windows. These are:

Out of these 6, the most-well recognised and reputed is FENSA. However, a certificate of compliance from any of them is acceptable in matters of building regulations.


Building Regulations for Double Glazing Installations


Building regulations for double glazing cover a number of aspects. They cover performance-related aspects like ventilation, energy efficiency, and accessibility. Here are the features that are covered by building regulations for double glazing.


Thermal Efficiency


The building regulations for energy efficiency are designed to control the amount of heat lost from your home. This reduces the amount of energy you use to heat up the house. As a result, you reduce your carbon footprint. This is important since heating and energy are significant contributors of greenhouse gases. Reducing their usage means lower emissions.

building regulations -thermal efficiency


Adequate Ventilation


Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of a home. Doors and windows are responsible for ensuring adequate flow of fresh air. This reduces the amount of moisture inside the house. Moisture can lead to mould and fungal growth, and the spores from these can cause respiratory problems. This is why building regulations define the amount and extent of ventilation for your property.


Fire Safety


Doors and windows might be required to be fire resistant or have safety measures to prevent the spread of fire. Building regulations require doors to be self-closing and windows to be fixed shut to ensure any fire does not spread to the properties adjacent to you.


Fire Escape


If you are replacing a window, building regulations require it to be at least as big as the window you are replacing. This is to ensure that there is a route of escape in case of a fire. At least one window per room needs to be big enough to act as a fire escape.

building regulations for fire escape planning




In case of a building that was built after 1999, it is essential that the main entrance has a level threshold. This is to ensure that people in wheelchairs and pushchairs can enter the building easily and safely. If you replace the door with a higher threshold, you are violating the building regulations.


Safety Glazing


Safety glazing is a safety requirement where the glass used in certain areas needs to be reinforced or safety glass. This is usually for double glazing on windows that are set low or have large glass panels. Doors with large areas of double glazing are also covered. This is to prevent dangerous injuries in case a person falls against the glass and it breaks.


Building Regulations with Double Glazing on the Web


We make it extremely easy for you to follow building regulations. Our network of installers are all registered with either FENSA or CERTASS. As a result, they are qualified to advice you on your double glazing installation. They will also give you the certificate of compliance once the installation is complete.

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