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Door Security

Door security is an essential factor to consider when you’re buying doors for your home. The reason for this is quite simple. Your doors are not just a point of entry for welcome parties, they’re also supposed to keep unwanted visitors out.

There are three aspects that come into play in door security. These are the strength of the door, the double glazing installation, and the security systems installed in the door.

Door Security Through Strength

The strength of the door plays a huge role in the security of your home. The more resilient the door, the more difficult it is to damage or break down. For this reason, uPVC and composite doors are highly recommended for enhanced door security. Both of these door types are known to be highly secure because of their innate strength.

How Strong are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are made up of an amalgamation of materials to give you the best of each. They normally have a timber core that lays the foundation of the structure. This is what gives them their robustness.

This layer is reinforced with a layer of foam for insulation, and a Glass Reinforced Plastic layer for superficial protection. The GRP layer protects the door from scratches and the ravages of adverse weather conditions. It gives these doors a longer life, and makes them extremely difficult to tamper with.

What Makes uPVC Doors Strong?

Doors made out of uPVC benefit from the superior strength of the material. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a rigid material. Unlike PVC, it is resistant to chemical corrosion, making it an ideal material for doors and windows. It is a lightweight yet strong, giving your door security that is quite high.

The uPVC doors that our suppliers have on offer maintain a unique profile that is broken up into multiple chambers. In addition to providing exceptional thermal efficiency, it acts as reinforcement for the structure. This gives it additional stability and makes these doors exceptionally strong.

Complete Customisation

You get complete control on the level of door security you want installed in your home. You can select features that you think you need.

Strength Assurance

You get doors with superior strength for greater durability. These robust doors can stand against the most forceful intruder.

10-Year Guarantee

Doors purchased from our suppliers come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on performance and security. This way, you get complete peace of mind.


The doors we price-check for you are built with security in mind, and are exceptionally tight and tamper-proof. They are built to fit seamlessly and their strength makes them difficult to damage.

Concealed Hinges

As part of the door security installation, installers will ensure that the hinges and hardware on the door are concealed, especially when the door is shut.

Weather Protection

In addition to keeping intruders out, the doors are also made up of tight seals that ensure no draught, water, or sound can make it inside.

How Does Double Glazing Installation Affect Door Security?

Installation of your double glazing can affect your door security to a great extent. Proper installation ensures that the door cannot be easily tampered, especially from the outside.

Features like concealed hardware and superior sealing result in doors that cannot be removed or broken in by burglars easily.

It is for this reason we ensure that our network of installers are all reliable and trustworthy. We provide prices from installers that are registered with reputable organisations like FENSA and CERTASS. As a result, the doors they install rate highly for door security.


Door Security Systems On Offer From Our Installers

Door security systems are the most important aspect of your home protection. They work together with the other two aspects to make sure no unwanted visitors manage to get in. Door security systems include locks and other hardware upgrades that make it impossible for the door to be opened when you don’t want it.

We make sure to work only with suppliers that can offer cutting-edge door security installations as a standard. In addition, many suppliers offer upgrades that allow you to enhance your door security even more.

These security systems include:

The Cylinder Lock

Most of our recommended suppliers offer high-quality cylinder locks. With these, you won’t have the problem of lock snapping. They are normally used in conjunction with other security features like multi-point locks and mortice locks.

The Euro profile cylinder lock is an integral part of most uPVC and composite doors and windows.

The Rim Lock

Rim Cylinder Locks are a great way to improve your door security. These work alongside night-latches on external timber doors. If you want to be sure about the quality of the rim cylinder lock, make sure it adheres to British Standards. A good way to check would be to see if it has the Kitemark.

Door Security Prices

We guarantee a high level of door security as a standard, stemming from our belief in the quality of our suppliers and installers. However, if you want upgraded door security system prices then you can contact us online for all the information you need or call us on 0800 954 8085, at which point we’ll help you get in contact with the relevant team. You can also to talk to someone from our experienced team about your door security.

Additionally, you can get them by opting for enhanced security when entering your door specifications in our online door designer. Simply select the additional security option when you’re designing your door, and get an instant quote!

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